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    image Oh my, Cyndi... if you had a burning question I surely would have answered it! Pray tell, how may I help you?

    JosHugs (Someday),

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    Hey Cyndi! It is great to finally see you on Yuku! You know you are such a wonderful friend to me, you are such a blessing and I can't thank you enough. I miss writing poetry with you (I mostly read yours though! LOL) I hope you never stop writing your beautiful poems! Love you, Oriana
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    Cindy aka Lizzie

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    You made it, Cyndi! Welcome to the weird world of Yuku. image

My Hobbies

Writing poetry, hiking through the woods, arts and crafts, gourmet ethnic cooking, listening to quality music. I love nature and enjoy being out in the wild. I climbed the highest mountain in the Oregon coast range some years ago. Love bird watching too. I'm a news hound and am interested in politics.

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